Map for Day 1. Met at Denny's in Milpitas then 237-680-84-Livermore-Vasco Rd-4-Stockton-88-49-Mt. Aukum for beer-bbq. 49-80-193-Lincoln.

Wagon Train crossing Hwy 88. Amazingly, our happy little group was stopped in its tracks by a Wagon Train. Pretty cool although we had to chill out for quite awhile until it passed.

Another view of the stopped herd as we waited for the Wagon Train to finish crossing the road. It was a long, slow process to say the least.

JW goes belly-up on his sled. Here's JW masquerading as a hippie biker as he bakes his noggin under that tye-die beanie -- was purty darn warm out.

Northbound on Hwy 88. After what seemed like several hours, the herd finally got to continue its long-delayed journey towards Mt. Aukum out on Highway 88. Personally, I'd rather take Hwy 26, but we were running out of time.

Buncha bikes at Mt. Aukum. Backyard of Randy Bert's digs in Mt. Aukum. He served a fine feast of sausages and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for the grub and suds crowd. Next, we continued up Hwy 49 towards Lincoln where we camped for the night and enjoyed the traditional ceremonies.

Map for Day 2. Lincoln-backroads-49-Wolf Rd-Duggans Rd-Lime Kiln Rd- McCourtney Rd-Indian Springs Rd-20-Penn Valley for brekkie. Pleasant Valley Rd-49-Downieville-49-Bassetts-49-Sattley-89-80- Donner Pass-80-Yuba Gap-20-Washington Rd-Washington for suds & grub. Washington Rd-20-Nevada City-49-backroads-Lincoln.

Riverview Pizzeria in Downieville. We had journeyed from Lincoln to Penn Valley for breakfast then, after awhile, finally cut over to Hwy 49 through Bridgeport and continued over to Riverview Pizzeria in Downieville for a butt break. Our scoots were parked out front as well as around the corner and by the gas station.

The gang at Sierra Valley Overlook near Yuba Pass is an absolutely killer place to gaze over the alpine valley ringed by the mountains. It's close to the Hwy 49 and Hwy 89 jct.

Latecomers to Sierra Valley Overlook. We tore south to Truckee and got gas at Cisco Grove. After that, it was off to the Washington Hotel in Washington on Washington Rd (redundancy prevails) off Hwy 20. Unfortunately, I don't have the group pixs at that establishment with a bizarre clientee. We then split for the Beer BBQ at Smead's Ranch in Lincoln, and had the firewalking ceremonies.

Bird's eye view of campfire from the barefoot TFK.

With good form and balance we have V giving it a roll.

Here we have BC warming-up his feet for a go.

Incredible seeing a big dude like Hesh doing the flip!

TFK is our fearless barefoot firewalker. Pic by Fred Yokel.

Day 3. Lincoln-65-80-5 to Perkos near Old Sacramento for brekkie. Done, most did I5-Freeport-160-Vasco Rd-Livermore-84-680 back home. Three riders, Grumbler, Hesh & Dave grabbed 5-33-Patterson-130 home.